Having A Conversation With A Vendor

Conversations can be initiated by users of Bionic Media Planner to vendors to ask questions about Programs they offer, or RFPs or Proposals that have been submitted. Vendors will also be able to reach out to Media Planners regarding RFPs sent to them, and Proposals they have submitted.

Conversations can be created from the item they relate to, such as a Program, RFP, or Proposal. Or, you can start a conversation from within the Message Center and manually relate it to one of these items.

Initiating A Conversation From A Program

Say that you find a program you are interested in learning more about, but aren't quite ready to send an RFP. You can go to that Program (through the research tab or by clicking on a program name in a media plan) to reach out to the sales team.

Once you have opened the Program, there is a +Start New Conversation button (if you have no other conversations regarding this item) or +New (if you already have conversations about this item) at the top of the program. Or you can use the Chat With Ad Sales Team buttons in the Overview or Contacts tab (shown below).



Initiating A Conversation From An RFP

If you have sent an RFP to a vendor and need to reach to them with questions or comments, you can initiate a conversation directly from the RFP you sent them.

Press the +Start New Conversation or +New to start a conversation.


Initiating A Conversation From A Proposal

Once you receive a proposal back, you may have questions for the vendor prior to making decisions, or need them to make some modifications. Again, you can initiate a conversation directly from the Proposal by clicking on the +Start Conversation or +New button.



Initiating A Conversation From The Message Center

Alternatively, you work directly from within the Message Center. You can click on any of the Messenger buttons from the item, or click on the Message Indicator in the black stripe.


From here it will open Messenger. Click New in the Conversations panel on the left.



Getting the Conversation Going

The "Conversation" will be the container that contains the back and forth messages, and controls recipients and preferences.

Upon pressing the New button, you will be prompted with a New Conversation box. This is were you can provide a Conversation subject/title, adjust related items, and select people to send the conversation to.


Subject - Free text field to identify what the conversation is about

Related To - If not already, you identify the item this conversation is related to. When you select Proposal, RFP, or Program from the list, the 2nd field will provide a list of the items you can relate it to.

Visible To - All users of your company can view this conversation if they have access to the Advertiser it is related to. On the vendor side, only users that have access to the RFP/Proposal will be able to see the conversation. By adding users (internal or vendor) to the list, they will receive notifications of new messages. Primary contacts for Programs, or recipients of RFP/proposal will be included by default.


Once you have completed setting up the conversation, press the Start Conversation button.

You will be brought directly into the Message Center (if you weren't already), and the conversation you started will be opened. From here you can send your message to the vendor.


Simply enter the message you want to send to the vendor and press the Post button.

The vendor will receive an email notification that they have received a message and will log into Bionic to respond.

Once the vendor responds, you will receive an email and there will be a new message indicated in the black stripe.


You can click on the link from the email, or on the message indicator in Bionic, to see the conversation.


This conversation can go back and forth as many times as needed.


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