Viewing Proposal As A Flowchart

Once you have your proposal built out, you can access a calendar view of it in the Flowchart tab. The flowchart view provides customization options to help you visualize the proposal in a way that meets your needs. Flowcharts can also be exported for offline access.

Flowchart Tab

When you click on the Flowchart tab, by default, you will see a monthly placement breakout by channel.


If desired, you can change the view to filter dates, change the calendar type (standard vs broadcast), adjust grouping, add color coding, change display values, and more.

Press the Customize View button.


Adjust the options as desired.


Date Range - Filter the dates displayed & choose between standard or broadcast calendar.

Time Scale - Adjusts the breakout of the data by Week, Month, Quarter, Year. If you are using a broadcast calendar, Monthly will also include broadcast weeks.

Group By - Select up to 2 fields to group your data by.

Color Coding - Select a field you want to highlight by using color to distinguish between values. Select the Show Color Coding Labels option to include the text value in the content.

Display Values - Choose the quantities and costs you want to display in the flowchart.

Placements - This will determine whether placement details are presented. If not selected, placement details will be hidden and data will summarize based on your group by options.

Placement Text - Wrap Multiple Lines will ensure the left bar text wraps to the next line. Otherwise longer placement names will be cut off.

Press Apply when complete.

Downloading Flowchart

If you would like to export your flowchart to access outside of Bionic, you can use the export buttons to create Image, PDF, or XLS files.


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