Upload Proposal From Another Platform

Broadcast vendors using other platforms, such as Strata or Tapscan, to generate their proposals, may be able to upload them to Bionic. Currently, Bionic supports spot cable, TV and radio, however we more than happy to work with you for other types of broadcast related imports. Contact Bionic Customer Support for more information.

The import should enable you to upload the details necessary for the media planner. If any data is missing or your upload does not work, please contact Bionic Customer Support as it is our goal to support a variety of upload options as needed.

Exporting Proposal From Another Platform

When exporting data to import to Bionic, the following output is required from the source platform:

  • Proposal XML file format - This should be a specific output available when exporting.
  • If available, the following options should be selected when prompted for export options:
    • Export IMPs (Avg Aud)
    • Export Nielsen call letters
    • Use Schedule Spot Dates
    • Export Rtgs

Once the export is completed and saved to your computer, you can log into Bionic to import the file.

Again, if you have an alternative file format or buy not currently supported, please send the file to Bionic Customer Support so that we may work with you to support it going forward.

Importing To Bionic

In the Line Items tab of the proposal, press the Upload button.


Use the Choose FIle button to select the file from your computer.


Press Upload when complete.

Bionic will confirm once the upload is complete and will update the proposal details to reflect the uploaded data.


Flighting, week/dayparting, rates, spots, zones, etc will be accounted for in the upload.

Note that your company will be identified as the vendor.

Clean Up

There will be 1 blank placement automatically included in your proposal. You can easily delete it.

Click on the menu for line 1 (shown below), and select Delete Placement.


The line will immediately disappear.

If you need to make any adjustments to your proposal, you can manually enter details or use the batch editing capabilities.

Some agencies may also request you to add additional KPIs, which can be found if you scroll to the far right side of the plan.

Submit Proposal

Return to the Overview tab and press Submit Proposal.



Next Steps:

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