Updating Organization Default Settings And Contact Info

Organization settings enable you to control defaults and contact information for your company. This will include your company's primary contact information, logo, default date format, gross to net discount and order settings.

To access your settings:

Click on your company name in the top right of your screen

Click on Administration


Click on Settings



Your company logo will be used when pulling presentation outputs. A logo is typically set up automatically when you sign up with Bionic.


If you need to change it, simply click Choose File and select an image file to upload.


Contact Information

Contact information will include Billing and Shipping Address, Main Contacts, Phone, and Website


Update this information as appropriate.

You will need to press the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen for any changes to be saved.


Date Format

The Date Format will control how dates appear in Bionic for your organization by default. You may choose between 9 different default date formats. This setting will be the default carried to new users. Each user will be able to identify their own preference without impacting the rest of the company.



Gross To Net Discount

The Gross To Net Discount reflects the % worked into gross pricing. Additional information can be found here.


Order Settings

The order settings will establish default settings that will carry into your Orders automatically. These settings can be overwritten in the orders, but will eliminate the need to fill them in every time.



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