Sending Orders To Vendors

Once orders have been approved, you may electronically send them to the vendors. You will be able to identify which contact(s) to send the order to and manage notifications.

Vendors will receive an email notification of the order and will log into Bionic for Ad Sales to view and approve the order.

This process will be managed in the Recipients tab of the order view.


Add Recipients

By default, the main contact set within the program will automatically populate as a recipient. You can control this main contact by clicking through on the Program name from the media plan and adjust the contact(s).

You may add and remove recipients as appropriate. Recipients you add will not be notified until you specifically opt to send.

Press the Add Recipients button


Select the recipient(s) you want to add.


Press Add Recipient.

Click here for additional information if the recipient you are looking for is missing from the list.


Remove Recipients

You can also remove any recipients as needed.

Place a check mark next to the recipient(s) you want to remove.



Send Order to Recipients

Orders must be sent individually. The Send function is available in the Recipients tab.

This process will send an email to the recipient(s) to notify them of the order. They can log into Bionic for Ad Sales to access and approve.

Select the recipient(s) to send the order to.


Place a check mark next to the recipient(s) you want to send to.

Press the Send button.

Bionic will immediately email the recipient(s) and update the Sent and Last Send information.


Once the recipient views the order, it will also update the Last Opened activity.

You will receive an email notification once the vendor responds to the order through Bionic.


Next Steps

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