Overview of Orders for Ad Sales

Bionic enables media planners to electronically send orders to the vendors they work with. Notifications of these orders will notify the recipients they sent the order to via email. All you have to do is click on the link in the email and log into Bionic to access the order.

Using Bionic, you can review and download the order details, flowchart, and terms, accept or reject orders, and track billing.



The Orders tab of Bionic will display all the orders you have access to view. If you are missing an order you are expecting to see, the media planner will need to add you to the list of recipients.

If you have a long list of orders, you may use the search and Filters functions to narrow down the list.


The orders view will summarize the order amounts.

The billing details will automatically populate as the information is processed by the media planner.


Next Steps

Managing Orders for Ad Sales

Managing Financials for Ad Sales


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