Managing Order Terms

Managing the various order terms you have with your vendors can be challenging. And even if you are lucky enough to just have 1 set of terms, it's nice when you can just set it and forget it.

Bionic enables you to establish 1 or more sets of Order Terms that can be selected in the orders you create. Terms can also be overwritten in the individual orders as needed.

Terms are set in the Administration area of Bionic.

To access your settings:

Click on your company name in the top right of your screen

Click on Administration


Click on the Terms tab



Add New Terms

You will be able to create 1 or more Terms as needed by your company. You may have terms that vary based on medium and/or vendor. You can create each of these variation with their own content. Then choose from them as appropriate in orders when you set them up.


To add new terms:

Press the Add Terms button


Complete the Terms Name and content.


You may use the editor control to format the text in a variety of ways.

Press Save when complete.


Clone Existing Terms

When setting up multiple sets of terms, often portions of the terms are the same or similar. Cloning existing terms can make easy to simply create a copy and change what is different.

Select the Terms you want to clone.


Press the Clone button.

Once the clone has been created, you will need to edit it to make the necessary changes.


Editing Terms

You can edit terms to change the name or content as necessary.

Click on the name of the Terms you want to edit.


Update the name and content. Press Save to apply your changes.



Deleting and Deactivating Terms

Over time, you may find that terms previously set up are no longer needed. Or maybe terms got set up that are not needed. It is best to keep your list clean and up-to-date, as this will ensure only valid terms are available for users to select from.

In most instances, you will need to deactivate terms instead of deleting them. This is applicable when terms have been used in orders. By deactivating terms, it will remove it from the selectable list but will keep them in any previous orders it was applied to.

Deleting terms will only be available if the terms have never been used. It is a permanent deletion of the record.

Place a check mark next to the term(s) you want to Deactivate or Delete.


Press the Delete or Deactivate button as appropriate.

To reactivate terms, use the Activate button.


Download Terms

There are 2 different download options. You may download the list of terms, or you may download individual terms with complete content.



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