Managing Order Details

Once your orders have been created, you may still need to adjust the details of your terms and even which line items are included in the orders. This can be achieved by opening each order and modifying the information as needed.


Edit Orders

Edits to orders must be done on an individual basis. However you may set up default values for terms to reduce the need for edits. These defaults will only apply automatically to future orders, not existing orders.

To edit an order, go to the Orders tab and click on the Order number.


Overview Tab

The Overview Tab will provide a review of the current order settings, and provides the ability to Delete your order, look at the History of changes, Download the order details and provides Approval options.

You can also attach supporting documents to keep important records and information with your order.

Click on the Add Document link.


Select the file and enter a Display Name for the document. Press Upload.


Settings Tab

The Settings tab enables you to control which information is displayed in your order details, as well as how it is displayed. Depending on your organizational set up, you may also be able to control your order number.

Basic Info

Order Number

Order numbers will be automatically generated when you create your orders. You are able to establish a specific starting number by contacting Bionic Customer Support.

In most instances, it is likely your organization will be set up to disable manual order numbering (this is the default). This means Bionic will automatically generate an order number for each order. No users will be able to manually change this order.

If you opt for Manual Order Numbering, Bionic will still automatically generate a number, however the field will be editable. You may enter any alphanumeric value.


Order Date

Enter the date to reflect on the order. It will default to today's date.

Buyer Contact

Select from the list of available contacts as the buyer contact for the vendor. This contact must be a Bionic user.


Choose between the Broadcast or Gregorian calendar options. This will impact Flowchart views are presented.

Order Currency

Choose the default currency in which to present data and handle financials.


The custom fields displayed on the Overview of an Order under the Metadata section will be established here.  These custom fields are created in the Administration Panel of your instance. You can set values for the individual order here.


Select which columns you would like to be displayed in the Line Items tab (media plan details). This will control what data columns the vendors are able to see when they receive the order electronically.

Note: this will not impact any custom IO outputs you may have.


Line Items Tab

The Line Items tab will display media plan details necessary for the vendor to place your order. You can download these details, track change history as it pertains to the order, and add and remove lines from the order. You also have the ability to adjust the format that the line items display in.


Adjust Line Item Format

There are currently 3 formats you can choose to layout your line items. You can select the appropriate format from the menu.


Universal Format

This format will display line items in the standard format with flights built out vertically.


Broadcast - Spots By Week

Selecting this format will provide a typical broadcast view of the line items.


Digital - Net Media By Month

This format will present line item flight cost broken out by month, typical of digital, print, and out of home.


Remove Lines From Order

You may encounter instances where specific lines in a plan should not be included in an order.

For example, if you have flighted a placement and only want to include a specific month, you can remove the months you don't want to include.

Or maybe you have more than one medium, and need each medium in a separate order.  You can remove the lines for the medium you don't want to include.


To remove lines from an order, place a check mark next to the lines you want to remove.


Press the Remove Lines from Order button.

The order details will automatically update to reflect the removal.

Add Lines To Order

In some situations, lines for a particular program or vendor could have been added to your plan after an order has been created. Or maybe lines got removed that shouldn't have been.

You are able to easily add lines to your order that are not already part of other orders.

Press the Add Lines from Plan button.



Select the lines you want to add. In the case of a package, you do not have to also select the package header, but can if you wish.


Press Add when complete.


Press the Download button to extract an Excel version of the order for your records.


Next Steps

Order Approvals and Changes

Sending Orders to Vendors


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