Order Approvals And Changes (Locking / Unlocking)

Once an order has been set up and is ready, it will need to be approved internally before the order can be sent to the vendor.

Request Approval

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Approve Order

Before an order can be accepted by an vendor, the order must be approved by the buyer.

There are 2 methods for getting orders approved: Electronically or Offline.

Once an order has been approved, it will be Locked. You will be able to Unlock orders if changes are needed in the future.

Electronic Approval

There are 2 ways to approve an order electronically. You can either approve individual orders or approve multiple orders at once.

Approving Individual Orders

This method may be more appropriate if you need to review the order details first.

From the Order tab, click the order number to open the order.


Review the Line Items tab for order line item details.

Go to the Overview tab to review the order settings, terms, and instructions.

OrderOverview.pngOnce completed, press the Approve button.


The sign off will display automatically.


Approving Orders In Batch

If you need to approve a group of orders, you can approve them all at one time.

Go to the Orders tab.


Place a check mark next to the orders you want to approve. Or, use the top check box to select them all.

Press the Approve button.

You will be prompted to electronically sign.


Enter your name and select the preferred font.

Press Approve.

Orders will be updated to reflect approval sign off and amounts.


Offline Approval

Offline approvals can be used if you require a signed document, or if the person signing doesn't have a Bionic user ID.

From the Order tab, click the order number to open the order.


In the Overview tab, press the Approve Offline button.


A box will appear that will walk you through the steps.


Once the file has been signed and uploaded, enter the Approver's Name.

Press Approve.


Unlocking Orders (Revoke or Un-Approve)

Once orders have been approved, they are locked to avoid harmful changes.

If changes are required, or prior approval has otherwise been denied, you will need to unlock the order first. This is done by Revoking or Un-approving.

Just like with Approvals, this can be done individually or in batch.

From the Overview tab of the Order, use the Un-Approve or Revoke button.



Next Steps

Sending Orders to Vendors


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