Managing Bills, Reconciliation, and Payments

As bills and payments are entered in Bionic, you are able to see a complete overview of the financials from the Financials tab. This will provide a complete picture of your bills and payments, helping to make managing your financials easier.


Accessing Financials From the Order


Click through to open the order you want to view financials for.


Here you will see each of the bills and payments made for each service period for this order, along with a break out of the amounts ordered, fulfilled (if available), billed, and reconciled. Balances due and payments made are also presented.


Accessing All Financials

From your home page in Bionic, click on the Finance tab.


This will provide a complete list of all financials to help make the process of managing them easier.

Bills will a balance due will be color coded as open and overdue as applicable. Bills that are paid will be marked as Paid.

From here, you can add new bills and payments as well as filter the list of existing bills and payments.

For example, you could filter by Due Date, Balance, Campaign, Vendor, etc.

Click on the No Filters drop down menu for a complete list.


Download Finance Summary

You are able to download the billing summary into an Excel file.

Press the Download button at the top of the Finance tab screen.


This will provide an .XSLX file with the full billing summary.


Editing Bill and Payment Details

Should you need to make any adjustments to bills or payments, you can simply edit them to make the necessary adjustments.

To edit bills and payments, click on the linked amounts in the finance summary.


As highlighted above, clicking on any bill amounts fields will edit the bill for that line item.

Clicking on the Paid amount will edit the payment.


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