Adding Payments

Once you have set up at least 1 bill, you are able to apply payments to the bills. The payments will reflect the payment details made to the vendor.

To record a payment, press the Add Payment button at the top of the screen, or next to the applicable service period bill.


The payment screen provides applicable details to record information about the payment made.


Most of the information will automatically populate.

Vendor - This will automatically populate the vendor used for this order.

Payment Date - The date to which the payment should be recorded as being paid. This will default to today.

Payment Method - Select the payment method from the menu: ACH, Check, Credit Card, Wire Transfer

Payment Ref # - Enter the number of the payment reference based on the payment method.

Bill Selection - Place a check mark next to each Bill you want to apply a payment to. If you added the payment from the bill line, that bill will be automatically selected. You may select additional bills if you are paying more than one with the same payment.

Press Create once you have finished.

Once completed, the Finance tab will update with the payment information updated.



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