Managing Financials for Ad Sales

Bionic enables the media agency to manage the billing aspect of their orders, including managing bills, reconciliation, and payments. The details they record will be available to you from the Finance tab of the Order view.


Finance Tab

You will be able to see a summary of the financial details of this order as it progress from with the Finance tab.


This can be used as a validation that the numbers being used by the media buyer are in line with yours.

There will be a line item for each billing period represented in the order. This information will be based on what has been processed by the media agency.

Service Period - The month represented for the billing period.

Order Amount - The amount represented in the order for the service period.

Fulfilled - The total amount recorded as fulfilled for the service period.

Bill Ref # - The bill number of the invoice your company sent the media agency.

Bill Date - The date the invoice was issued.

Due Date - The date that the invoice is due to be paid to you.

Reconciled - The final reconciled amount.

Balance - The open balance due for this invoice.

Paid - The total amount received to date for this invoice.


You may also download these line item details by pressing the Download button.



As bills and payments are processed by the media agency, those details will automatically update in your view.



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