Setup An Integration With QuickBooks

In order to connect with QuickBooks, you will need to first setup an integration. This will enable the platforms to authenticate your access between the the systems, and houses the settings for how the integration will operate.

Only an Administrator user will be able to create an integration. Please contact Bionic Customer Support for assistance if you need to add Administrator access.


One Time Integration Set Up

To access the Administration area, click on your company name and click the Administration link.



To start the integration setup, click on the Integrations tab.

Then press the Add Integration button.



Select the QuickBooks logo from the list and press Next.



As there is only 1 QuickBooks integration necessary, and it will cover all Advertisers, there is no need to adjust name or availability settings. Confirm adding the integration by pressing Add Integration.



Once you have added the integration, click on the Integration Name to open the settings. This is where you will complete the connection, adjust settings, map your vendors and track your bills and payments.



Connect To QuickBooks

In order for your Bionic account to connect with QuickBooks, you must establish a connection that will authenticate your access.

In the QuickBooks Integration screen, click on the Connection option.



A new "Intuit Accounts Sign In" window will open, prompting you to log into QuickBooks.

Enter your credentials and confirm sign in.



Your connection will be confirmed once completed.

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Next Steps

Once you have completed your connection, you will then Map Your Vendors.

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