About QuickBooks Integration

The Bionic integration with QuickBooks will streamline your Bill Payment workflow and reduce the errors caused by reentering data.

The workflow with the integration will enable you to reconcile and log the bills received from your vendors directly within Bionic, and then transfer this information automatically to QuickBooks where your finance team can make the necessary payments, which are then transferred back to Bionic.

Even better, there is flexibility built into the process that allows you to work your own way.

Regardless of how you work, the finance and media teams can stay in sync without the hassle of reentering data.

Note that this integration will only work with QuickBooks Online.


Here are the steps to get your integration working:

1. Setup your integration - This gets Bionic connected with your QuickBooks account

2. Mapping your Vendors - Once your connection is complete, your next step will be to manage the mapping relationship with your Vendors between Bionic and QuickBooks.

3. Manage your QuickBooks integration settings - There are a few settings that help you control the automation that occurs between Bionic and QuickBooks. This is best to complete AFTER your mapping is done.

4. Managing Bills - This will describe how Bills are transferred between Bionic and QuickBooks based on your integration settings.

5. Managing Payments - This will describe how Payments are transferred between Bionic and QuickBooks based on your integration settings.

6. QuickBooks integration logs - Bionic logs every data transaction that occurs between it and QuickBooks. This log can assist with validating data transfers and also provides technical data for Customer Support to assist with troubleshooting issues.


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